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Teaching the piano is my very life blood. I love playing the piano, and when you love something, you want to share it! In my lessons I carefully assess the level of a new student, and then do my best to challenge and inspire them. This will happen through:

- careful choice of music to suit the taste and ability;
- choice of technical material, either scales and arpeggios or studies;
- some improvisation to explore sounds and encourage creativity;
- sight reading at the right level with an element of challenge;
- playing from memory and performing wherever and whenever possible;
- duet playing or teaming up with other instrumentalists to encourage the joy of ensemble playing.

I am always open to new ways and methods to improve the learning, both at a beginning and at advanced levels. I have therefore over and above my conservatoire training taken up a Suzuki course and qualification, and now teach beginners through the Suzuki method. Within the Suzuki family Tim my husband and I ran for seven years our own Piano Family residential workshop in the Peak District, Peak Suzuki. I am frequently invited as a teacher on residential courses here and abroad.

Several of my students have progressed to Chethams' School of Music in Manchester for musically outstanding talents and a number have, over the years, won competitions, arts festivals and scholarships. I believe in tailored learning but also in excellence at every level.

I am the EPTA (European Piano Teachers' Association) regional representative.


At Peak Suzuki Residential Piano Workshop

My group of 14 piano students, Cardona Suzuki Workshop, Spain, July 2011.

Cardona Suzuki Workshop, Spain, July 2011.

Working with a beginner in my home studio

With one of my teaching groups, Temple Dinsley Suzuki Workshop, August 2010

Following a Suzuki "end of Book 1" concert, 19 pieces by memory, in my home teaching studio. The Suzuki "triangle": pupil, parent, teacher.

Budding teenage pianists have a laugh at a multi-piano workshop, coached by the Derby Piano Quartet, Suffolk, 2007.

Children and Beginners      
I teach piano beginners by the Suzuki method. This involves children starting at an early age, with strong parental support. For further details, please read my Suzuki teaching handbook here. With limited exceptions I don't take on beginners above the age of 10.

I also teach a small number of children by traditional methods, mainly if they have been started in this way.

Either Suzuki or traditional, I am happy to enter pupils for the appropriate Associated Board or other Grade exams.


I teach enthusiastic adults, who have already achieved a reasonable standard on the piano.


I have a long a successful record of preparing students for conservatoire entry, diplomas, public competitions, and similar professional and semi-professional challenges.


Please contact me for my current rates.


"I was about to email you this morning to thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the piano evening - I was really happy with how it went, and your involvement really captured the spirit of what I had intended. You managed to perfectly pitch what you said and played to exactly the right level for those there, and so many have already said that they were inspired. Great to get everybody involved in listening to your performances and ask for feedback. (The Head Teacher) was particularly taken with it all too.

 We are very grateful, thank you."

Following a guest appearance at a Piano Evening, Derby High School, Feburary 2015. Ed Temple, Head of Music.


"We had an assembly on Friday and (the headmistress) told all of us how you inspired the performers and her. At the end of the assembly she played the piano in front of all the students and staffs! She played really well! When she introduced about you, I was even more proud that Iím your student!"

You always inspire me

A pupil, following the same piano evening.

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